Sports Enhancement/Sportsmetrics Training

Sportsmetrics Sports Training

The sports training program Sportsmetrics is an injury prevention and performance program for athletes 13 years of age or older.

The program is a comprehensive jump training program that combines plyometrics, strength training, and flexibility. It’s the only scientifically proven program that reduces the risk of knee injury, increases jump power and improves leg strength for sports like soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball that involve pivoting, cutting or jumping.

Sportsmetrics program is a six-week program; 3 days per week. The program also includes pre and post testing of each athlete. The testing includes a history of prior injuries and sports participation, hamstring flexibility, single leg functional hop tests, vertical jump height assessment, and video analysis of jumping/landing.

One-on-One Sports Enhancement sessions:

  • Each session is one hour in duration and the program designed to fit your individual needs.

Sports Enhancement program for Throwing Athletes:

  • Personalized high level Sports Enhancement Program designed specifically for the throwing athlete.
  • One-on-one or small group training (3-5 athletes).
  • Males and Females 12 years and older.

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