Sample Page

This is a sample page. With some sample text.

Heading 1 – Used at top

The Heading 1 is already used at the very top of the page, so you probably wouldn’t have to use it again on the page. But you can see what it looks like.

This is Heading 2 – to separate sections

This can break up important sections of info in your page. Below will be how to set up lists. Or how to make things bold or italic. It’s a lot like using Word, with your toolbar above.

This is Heading 3 – sub-sections, like learning lists.

To do this, highlight the text you want as a list and click on the icon in the top tool bar (It’s the one that is 3rd from the left). Hit return/enter

Big announcement of important info.

Heading 4. Below this is an bulleted list.

  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item three

Heading 4. This is a numbered list.

Same as the bulleted, just use the numbered list icon:

  1. Item one
  2. Item two
  3. Item three

Heading 2 – columns

You can break your pages into two or three columns. In your toolbar you’ll see a bracket icon, last icon on the right. Click on that and there is a dropdown of different items. Select columns. It will add some coded text into the text box.

Heading 4. Two thirds/one third.

This is a two-third column. You only want to change the info in the column brackets.

One third text info.

Heading 4. Halves.

This is a one-half column. You only want to change the info in the column brackets.

One half text info.