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Golf Season is Almost in Full Swing

Stretching and Mobility Program for Golfing

With the Master’s completed and a new winner earned their green jacket, many are excited to get their own game started for the year.

In Illinois we are facing yet another round of snow, therefore there may be a few more days before people are back on the course for the spring. After many months of inactivity involving the rotational movement and mechanics required for golf, there is bound to be some soreness, aches, and pains that come with starting for the year. One of the best things after a long stiff winter is to improve a golfer’s flexibility and strength. This week we are going to discuss a few stretches for your upper extremities, back and core, and lower extremities to help alleviate some of the tightness that surrounds athletic movements.  Continue reading Golf Season is Almost in Full Swing

Tips for Staying Safe While Doing your Spring Cleaning

It’s been 5 long months of cold weather and its most likely not quite over yet. But with a sneak peak of warm weather that lies ahead, people are eager to clean their homes and rid them of the dust and stuffiness that comes with winter. Here’s 5 tips to being safe while spring cleaning.


Often spring cleaning is not done in a blink of an eye, rather it takes time to clean the house. At the end of the day of cleaning we often rush through because we are ALMOST done and this is when we often see injury. Remember your body is tired and need to take the extra precautions to avoid injury.  Continue reading Tips for Staying Safe While Doing your Spring Cleaning

New Year…New You…New Sore Muscles?

Did you set a New Year’s Resolution to become more active and improve your health?

Did you join the gym that you will commit to daily?

Good for you, these are great strides in improving your overall quality of life.

But now, your new workout regimen has you with tight, sore, and achy muscles. One of the most common thing people lack on when beginning a new exercise routine is the pre- and post-workout stretching routine. Now it is week 3 of working out for the first time in what feels like forever and your feeling plagued by sore and achy muscles. Continue reading New Year…New You…New Sore Muscles?

Cold Weather is Around the Corner…How to Stay Active at Home

The cold weather is nipping at the door and winter is almost upon us. During the winter months, the snow and ice tend to leave people willing to be less active due to the cold and increased risk of falling due to poor conditions. While the solution to avoiding these conditions is not always easy, many people often chose to stay indoors to avoid it. Continue reading Cold Weather is Around the Corner…How to Stay Active at Home

Introducing NICK MEDEMA


Introducing NICK MEDEMA, DPT. Nick graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northern Illinois University. He is originally from Streator and has relocated to the Illinois Valley. We are excited to have Nick as a part of our family.

To schedule an appointment with Nick please call 815-223-4479 today.