Healing the Chronic -itis in your Life

With a new year brings new resolutions and new resolutions can unfortunately sometimes lead to ailments that present as a nagging -itis such as inflammation of a specific fasica (i.e. plantar fasciitis) or inflammation of specific tendons (i.e. epicondylitis of the elbow), the method can also help resolve other tendinopathies, post-surgical scarring, and other soft tissue problems. One of the out of the box treatments for these conditions is called Astym, which is a scientifically-based treatment program.

Astym Technique

Astym is an instrument assisted technique designed to improve application for both the patient and the therapist. One of the biggest advantages to receiving an Astym treatment is that in order to be able to administer a treatment the therapists must undergo extensive training to be certified to administer this treatment. Whereas, other instrument assisted techniques do not require a certification to be qualified to administer it.

This type of treatment is non-invasive and can lead to active recovery, getting you back up and running smoothly soon. At City Center Rehabilitation, we combine the technique with a variety of other methods to help promote healing for short- and long- term relief. Call us today to set up with one of our two therapists whom are Astym certified to get relief you have been waiting for.