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Healing the Chronic -itis in your Life

With a new year brings new resolutions and new resolutions can unfortunately sometimes lead to ailments that present as a nagging -itis such as inflammation of a specific fasica (i.e. plantar fasciitis) or inflammation of specific tendons (i.e. epicondylitis of the elbow), the method can also help resolve other tendinopathies, post-surgical scarring, and other soft tissue problems. One of the out of the box treatments for these conditions is called Astym, which is a scientifically-based treatment program.

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Summertime … Pool Time

Summertime is almost here and after a long cold winter and a rainy spring, it is safe to say we are ready for the warmth. As the temperatures warm up, people tend to increase their activity levels from walking to running to gardening and everything in between. With a walking program being a great form of exercise in the summer for individuals, something that also be of great benefit for people is the pool. Continue reading Summertime … Pool Time

Penguins Do It Best!

Ever wonder how penguins manage to do so well walking on ice? Notice their posture and below you will find tips to help you walk like a penguin and avoid falling this icy season. With the winter season officially here, Mother Nature must be confused as she has been sending snow and ice our way. The winter is when we often see and influx of patients whom have fallen and had resulting injuries that brings them to our practice. Below are tips and tricks to help you navigate the season safely.

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Walking is Good for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit but with Proper Shoes

While we are all hoping the spring weather breaks soon, many people begin walking programs to begin to enjoy the weather and to increase their exercise levels after a sedentary winter due to the cold weather.

Here are 7 points that can help guide you to proper shoe selection.

1. Size Matters

Often times, people buy the size they have always thought they wore. However, when being properly measured, individuals find out they are in a shoe a half size too small or a half size too big which can have drastic effects on how the shoe fits including toe placement in the toe box, arch placement, and security of the heel in the shoe. Some keys to having proper footwear is to measure both feet, as they can be different sizes. Also a benefit is measuring your feet at the end of the day when your feet are the largest and when many people begin to experience discomfort with their shoes.

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Golf Season is Almost in Full Swing

Stretching and Mobility Program for Golfing

With the Master’s completed and a new winner earned their green jacket, many are excited to get their own game started for the year.

In Illinois we are facing yet another round of snow, therefore there may be a few more days before people are back on the course for the spring. After many months of inactivity involving the rotational movement and mechanics required for golf, there is bound to be some soreness, aches, and pains that come with starting for the year. One of the best things after a long stiff winter is to improve a golfer’s flexibility and strength. This week we are going to discuss a few stretches for your upper extremities, back and core, and lower extremities to help alleviate some of the tightness that surrounds athletic movements.  Continue reading Golf Season is Almost in Full Swing